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Universal You’s “Perfect EP” is pop perfection. Bursting with energy the EP virtually demands to be played loud. That way every particular nuance of the songs shines through: from the strong vocals to the infectious melodies, “Perfect EP” is exactly how pop music should be. In fact the vocals are the heart of the EP with everything else in service of the expressive delivery.


Global Chums

“torn” is a cover of a track made famous by Natalia Imbruglia in the 1990’s, but the Universal You “torn” has little in common with the Imbruglia strumming acoustic guitar version

Higher Plain Music

I label this type of music sleaze cheese because it’s not quite mainstream enough for everyone, has dark filthy tones to it but has all the chords of a smash hit.

The 88tc88 Blog - China

Universal You - Paishouba Artist of The Week

Groove Loves Melody

In August, GLM featured several independent artists and bands during our Back-to-School Q&A for 2013. Many of them have updates for new music, new videos, and new tours for the fall and we wanted to share that news with you. Here’s part one of the update.


Backstage Gourmet Radio Show

gi talks about her music and also gives out three of her favourite recipes

Jog Tunes Indie Podcast 97

The 97th episode of the The JogTunes Indie Podcast is up for running, cycling, and other BPM matching exercise. To experience and enjoy running and working out exactly to the beat of great indie music. Featuring Universal You track Coming Back For More.

Neal Heart Dot Com website

Neal Heart

How did you get started in music?

Universal You

I started performing at college in plays and comedy shows. Actual singing came later but again more in a theater environment. My first band was a covers band, singing backing vocals which moved on to singing a few songs as lead vocal. My development into rock chick took longer than others 


and more ....

Groove Loves Melody

We answer some questions....

Higher Plain Music website

 "Universal You are a Scottish band with Kazakhstan roots! Not the usual combination and also not the usual synth-pop band either as Universal You only know one volume – and that’s all the way to eleven! Now that Spinal Tap plug is out the way, Universal You go for thick, heavy beats and synths that are brash and hot blooded for a really percussive dance rock atmosphere. Lead singer Gi has a depth to her voice that makes the whole thing feel full fat. Listen to their take on Simple Minds’ “Love Story” and we will be reviewing their EP later this month."

Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine

Twenty Questions: UNIVERSAL YOU And Their New Electro-Groove Sound!

UniYou answering 20 questions on a whole host of different subjects.

Scandalous Women website

Artists often evolve. They gradually soak in other influences that uniquely change their musical direction. Such is the case with Universal You. This one-time rock act always felt the need to create buzz on dance floors. Call it channeling their inner groove. Fans of their former guitar-driven rock sound need not worry, though, because they’ve found a way to marry it with their new-found dance/club sound, creating a funky techno sound with just enough edge make it dangerous.

In my opinion, though, the collection’s crowning achievement is the slinky sexy I Love You Baby, an erotic bump and grind perfect for sweaty dance floor fucking. Easily the more memorable track on an overall excellent collection, I Love You Baby slides out of your speakers, seducing you to listen again and again.

Mommy Katie Blog

Musicianship & Motherhood, Guest Blog from gi, singer in Universal You

Global Chums website

MMXIII - I is a 4 track EP that includes two covers and two original tracks. The headline track is “Love Song” which was originally recorded by Scottish legends Simple Minds way back in 1981. Universal You has combined their own potent and diverse musical DNA to create a throbbing current dance track with razor sharp guitar hooks and singer Gulzhan’s sensual vocals, while still retaining the mystic of Simple Minds original with its 80’s European electronic undertones.

Simple Minds fan site

Simple Minds' classic track 'Love Song' has been superbly covered by Scottish band Universal You. It is contained on their June released 4 track EP 'MMXIII - I' which has received some glowing comments on social media sites.

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Sister Bliss calls her tune of the day today! @thesisterbliss: The @hoxtonwhores remix of @UniversalYou ‪#‎LoveSong‬ is bringing you your ‪#‎BlissTotD‬ this Saturday :)

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Sister Bliss in Session for Ministry of Sound Radio Show 66. Hoxton Whores Remix for Love Song. Track 8/14

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