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Hi all, We are currently working on 10 new tracks..and involving a few new collaborations as well,...excitied to have some of that old UniYou mojo back..

As soon as we have some snippets to release, we will


We are back. It's a work in progress!!! More to follow...


Spotify...and Follow!




Thinking thinking thinking ...

New songs in the mix..covers in the mix..searching for ideas..

Work underway on the next UniYou tracks


Alter Bridge ..and me!


Hell yeh, ..such lovely guys ....and the ultimate gig..on the barrier :]

No, I dont want to leave you!


Our latest video is up....a bit of classic Led Z rock turned around with the Universal You twist....let us know what u think.. :]

New video...sooon!


Hello everyone


A new video is coming out very soon....come back and have a look in the next few days

For what song??? What do you think??



Guess where we have been for some inspiration..?? 


EP Re-release


Our Perfect EP was re-released yesterday on 12 April. The reason for the re-release is that it is now out on our own Label Joesoap Records. We signed to a label to release that EP and hopefully more after that, but frankly speaking they were so so very useless and did nothing for us....DIY seems best.. unless you can find people with the same passion, enthusiasm and energy for what you do then dont bother with them :]

Universal You 5 track Perfect EP

Get it on iTunes, Amazon and all other download sites!

Have a look at the videos too!





Just wanted to say thanks on here for all the great messages we have had since release of our new single I Don't Wanna See. Thanks for everyone who has visited YouTube and Facebook and of course those who have spent some pennies on iTunes to download the track. appreciated!!!


I Don't Wanna See, Featuring Renald


Released today..our new single and video I Don't Wanna See, featuring Renald


Very happy to announce release of our new single and great new video. A bit different from our last tracks but so much fun creating and loving the space video from our friends at Provoke Films...Ciro!!


Thanks to our new friend Renald for the uber cool hiphop.


Have a look at the Video page for some virtual reality!






Skope AD

New EP out now!!


Hey y'all!

Our new 5 track EP "Perfect" is out now...with cool new tracks and a couple of covers in there too! UniYou try Metallica and Led Zeppelin....What do think?

Hope you like it all..

iTunes to EP

Remember to look at the Video page to see the new vids for Perfect and Nothing Else Matters.

New Release 01 Sept 14 - Perfect EP


Universal You bring you lightness from dark places, and joy from the underbelly of life: each dead end in existence and every failed relationship brings you to a place of perfect numbness from which renewal springs; they reflect this with weaponry taken from every corner of the musical arsenal, from the beguiling and unique balladry of lead singer Gulzhan, to the puncturing riffs of Guitarist Mark Grant, underpinned by the programming and hypnotic synth riffs of Producer and long time Collaborator Paul Finnie;

They journey between and through genres bringing descriptions such as ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers meets Calvin Harris and Madonna’ and “The Universal You which only you find will be The Universal You your imagination plucks from their delicious intentional diversity, and provides your eclectic imagination room to breath and enjoy everything from Dance to Rap to Rock to Trance” enjoy it all because it is all Your Universal You!

Named after a song by the Cult, Universal You : “All God’s Children, they got heart, they got swagger, they got truth”, and Universal You Give You Truth both sonically and in their words of Life & Love and Reality. They are definitely unique and looking to reach more people disenfranchised by the media pigeonholed universe we inhabit; bringing us both stunning reworked Covers from Metallica and Led Zeppelin and unique original material:

The ‘Perfect’ EP:



Nothing Else Matters (cover)

Find A Way [The Joesoap Remix]

Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (cover)

Released on Raven Black Music® on all major digital music platforms soon

Signed to Raven Black Music


Hugely proud and excited to announce that the band has been signed to the label Raven Black Music. 

After releasing all our earlier material via our own label (Joesoap Records) we see this new relationship with an established label as a step and leap in the right direction. Exciting times for Universal You ;]

Look for our new release on 01 Sept. The Perfect EP.



New video out now


Look on our video page....ahh.... love it!!!

New Video for Perfect . Animated moi!



We received our new video yesterday for the track Perfect. Its a new one for us. An animated video and extremenly cool! Massive thx to Provoke Films in Japan for the great work. Really stunning visuals to complement the track. Love it!!!!

It will be posted soon. keep a look out for it and SHARE IT PLEASE  ;]



The making of our last video


The video making process.

Nice work from Radar Music Videos and super work from Pedro Chaves



Studio time


Back into the studio on Monday to finish off a track......

Some more news coming soon on new releases and videos!


All that gym work is paying off!!


Love my tight suit!

Fan Art!


A big thank you to Valentina Dombrovskaya (perhaps our youngest fan) for drawing this pic. Uber cool! We love it.

New Video


Very excited and pleased to announce we have finalised an agreement with Provoke Films in Japan to make our next video....animation...cooool!!

Cant wait! 



Exposure Music Awards 2014 - Winners!



Best Duo Act

1 Universal You

2 Blackheart

3 Ethemia



Best dance / Urban act


1 K C Music

2 O.D.

3 Universal You


Thanks to all at Exposure Music and to those who voted for us. We love ya!!



It's the weekend! Very Happy to be nominated in the Exposure Music Awards


New single released today




Our new single "torn" is released today!. Its great when a song is finally out for everyone to hear. After spending a lot of time recording, mixing and listening to tracks over and over until they are right you can get a bit bored with them, so its sometimes good that some time passes between finishing them up and the release day. I haven't listened to it much since we finished it and giving it a listen today I think it sounds cool...hopefully you do too!

Its on iTunes and Amazon and all the usual download sites. If you like it please share the links.




TV interview


I was interviewed last week by a TV channel.... when it hits the screens I will let you know.. ;]


Next single release date


So our next single "torn" is out on 11 November. Hit iTunes and Amazon to pick up a copy for under $1 or £1!!! or the price of a tin of coke! Crazy isnt it??!?! 

Really enjoyed recording "torn". We got a very live sound in the studio and the guitars sound massive!

We hope you like it!

Jumping up the National DJ Chart!!!! to No 20!!


This week Love Song jumps from 31 to 20 in MusicWeek Upfront DJ Chart. That is a very important industry chart!

@Dittomusic @simplemindscom @mrsimonstokes @simpleminds1977

We are in amongst the big labels Epic EMI Columbia Sony Warner Mercury coooool!!!

20 Questions and 20 Answers


Jamsphere Magazine

All the things you wanted to ask us!! Now you get the answers ;]


Review on Scandalous women website for sexy women..!


Really cool review of our EP MMXIII-I on the ScandalousWomen website. Have a look. After Lauren Michelle's description of I Love You Baby I am def hitting the clubs this week!!

Scandalous Women



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Re-Mix time..


Great News!!

Mega cool House remixers Hoxton Whores and Sonny Wharton have both gone and given us great "Love Song" remixes...Ibiza here we come!!!

The tracks will be out soon .....stay in touch for the download links :]


Release Day



Finally its release day for our EP titled MMXIII - I

After a ton of hard work from everyone connected with the band we are releasing this 4 track EP of two cover songs and two new songs of our own. Definitely a dance and groove feel for the summer ;)

So....this is how we sound when we play Simple Minds or Bon Jovi songs...tell us what you think!! Have a listen on the player and the tracks can be purchased from all the usual download stores..iTunes, Amazon etc. See links on our Downloads page :)

AND, this is how we look when we dance to Love Song .....


Final stages


Just putting the final stages of our release website...all really cool...and new. We hope u love the tracks!

Already had a VERY good response to Love Song from a number of people in the industry. Really feel the dance vibe and guitars works well..on top of a great song too! Thank you Simple Minds!!




After a lot of months of planning, writing, playing, singing, recording and mixing we are finally getting close to releasing some new music...At Last!!!! 

Good things take time...of course some things you think will be great don't quite work out and don't make the final cut...but who knows..they may come back again another form or when we get some new ideas. 

Its been fun to be in the Studio again and this time in Edinburgh at Chamber Studio with Graeme twiddling all the knobs. Doing small sessions and taking some time between them has kept it fresh and gave us time to think on the way the songs were going before we hit the studio again. 

Sound wise you will hear some changes. We have never made an effort to sound one particular way and lately we have definitely been sounding a bit more electronic :] but for all those guitar lovers out there we still have a some cool guitary soloey bits !! Mark and Paul doing their bit! 

Our tracks will likely come out in a few separate parts...or mini albums or EP's...if you want an older format name :] 
We have a new video also in the works and its been developed in Israel which is uber super duper cool!!!! more on that later.... 



Studio here we come!


Studio session now lined up in Edinburgh for November. We will be heading to Chamber Studio....cant wait....always very exciting with a new place, new people, new songs!

They have a great set up there with really cool gear. So our whole team are looking forward to it. Im also working on some other ideas with producer Laurence Woo wont be UniYou but something really quite different, so look out for that one too.


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